Openear® Bone Conduction

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Color: White Orange

Dive into Sound, Unleash Your Music Underwater. IPX8 Waterproof, Bone Conduction Clarity, Dual Modes, and Limitless Music Freedom.



Usage time

10 hrs

Charging time

1-2 hrs

Battery capacity

200 mAh

IPX8 Professional Waterproof, Swimming Headphones

This wireless bone conduction headset has the highest waterproof rating (IPX8) and is suitable for swimming, surfing and other water sports. You can enjoy sports and music without worrying about water damage.

Professional swimming headphones

Rute sound quality

Leak-proof sound, enjoy your music, incredible sound. The noise reduction ensures a clearer call.

Magnetic design

The magnetic charging is more convenient and features a leak protection design that makes charging safer.

Bluetooth 5.3

The improved Bluetooth 5.3 chip ensures a more stable connection, a clearer and smoother call. It is compatible with your iOS or Android Bluetooth devices.

Bone conduction

Transfer sound through vibration, open ear safety, do not harm your ears, listen to your music and surroundings.

MP3 mode

Use MP3 mode for swimming, and no longer worry about disconnecting Bluetooth due to distance problems, and enjoy swimming to the fullest.

360° bend-free

Built-in memory wire made of titanium alloy, arbitrarily twistable, automatically adjusts to the shape of the head.

Lightweight and Comfortable

The high-strength titanium alloy frame can be bent and stretched as you like without deformation, flexible and durable. And this sports headphone weighs only 25 g, making it pain-free to wear for a long time. The sinking, streamlined design allows you to wear goggles or swimming goggles at the same time.

Design for sports

The sunken design brings you a stable wearing experience. It can still be worn stably when used underwater, and it is not easily shaken when running.

IPX8 waterproof

Waterproof earbuds at the highest level, active protection against water, sweat and rain.

Weight only 25 g

Lightweight design and skin-friendly material, comfortable to wear for a long time.